The World’s Fastest Minivan Also Rips Mad Burnouts

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Turbo Honda Odyssey with 1000 horsepower good at burnouts: Report.

Is that a GT-R? No, it’s a minivan!” There’s something exciting about big power from a giant turbocharger on a wild custom-built engine, but this car is a different animal altogether. This car transcends space and time. This car is an extremely expensive smoke machine. This Honda exists essentially only to turn gasoline and rubber into smoke. What was originally built as a SEMA car a few years ago has persevered through daily-driver status and continues to live on to this day, even getting beat up like this as often as humanly possible. Bisimoto builds wild cars, but the fact that they can hold up to this kind of stress is a testament to the quality parts used.

It isn’t often that a car with an intercooler for a grille looks decent, but somehow this one does. Honda’s design team did wonderful work on this generation of Odyssey, and the modifications Bisimoto made only help to enhance that look. It’s a unique van to be sure, but we would be happy to take it for a spin. A roof box and a baby seat in the back remind you that this is still a daily-useable van. The Fifteen-52 wheels, air ride system, and TL-sourced 6-speed manual transmission, however, remind you that this is no van to be taken lightly.

What do you think of this mega power minivan? Would you ever consider building a custom manual-swapped front wheel drive tire roaster like this badass baby-hauler? If Bisi Ezerioha can use this as a semi-daily driver, then you can certainly get by with a simpler 600-ish horsepower turbovan. The world needs more mad scientists like Bisi creating a world petrolheads like us want to live in. Bisimoto Honda Odyssey Minivan Burnout 1000 horsepower SEMA build

[Source: The Hoonigans on YouTube]

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