Honda Odyssey Shipped with Option of Adult Movies

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Embarrassingly for Honda, adult movies were an option for backseat entertainment in the 2018 Honda Odyssey.

The Honda Odyssey arrived at the beginning of the summer. Since then, around 5000 families have been enjoying their vehicles. However, none of those customers reported the fact that adult movies were available to watch on the infotainment system.

This is Honda’s first vehicle to come with 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot enabled. That connectivity is what allows the support of streaming movies to a family on the move. Bringing all the comforts of home is definitely going to present a whole new challenge to the industry. 2018 Honda Odyssey porn

Joan Muller from Forbes made the catch before taking her family on a 4th Of July trip in her press loaner. Fortunately, she caught the oversight with a Honda representative still on hand. Well, her husband caught it while he was flicking through the menu of the EPIX network. He found a category labeled ‘Erotic’. Digging deeper he then found some hilariously named porn movies. Hilarious or not though, it’s not the sort of thing you want your kids to see.

As enthusiasts, we use the term ‘car porn’ to describe cool automotive photography. But you can bet minivan owners don’t expect to find actual porn in their new vehicles. Realistically, Honda customers would have to activate their EPIX subscription in order to view any of the adult content. But whether you have access to the full content or not, the cover art and plot synopsis of each title were viewable.

Well, we say plot synopsis. But with titles like Erotic Karma and Porn Star Zombies, you can’t expect much plot. It’s enough to leave an impression on the kids though.

We give full credit to Honda for dealing with this issue quickly. According to Joan Muller, Honda took care of the issue overnight. The Erotic Genre had completely disappeared from her vehicle by morning. We can probably assume the erotic movies were removed from every Honda Odyssey with a quick flash as well.

It’s curious that this took so long for someone to discover. Maybe Honda should enable parental controls as the standard for its family vehicles. That way adults can opt in for those romantic weekend getaways in the Honda Odyssey without the kids.

Going by those titles though, it sounds more like added hilarity to an evening rather than some extra spice. Best stick with a RomCom or an action flick.

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