An Exclusive Look at the 2018 Odyssey’s New Tech Features

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Honda Odyssey Meets the 21st Century

It was just a few days ago that we brought you the global unveil of the all-new 2018 Honda Odyssey. Now, we have an exclusive walk-around video to show you some of its major upgrades in the technology department. More specifically, its family-friendly features.

What should a minivan excel at? Should it focus on looks and driving dynamics? Or should it forget about all that and focus on kids, kids, and kids? While there’s no right answer, we’re happy to see the Odyssey improvingĀ on all ends. Not only has the styling improved dramatically, but the onboard technology has finally caught up with modern times.

Features like Magic Slide seats, and a hands-free tailgate system make loading cargo and managing seating arrangements a breeze. Meanwhile, cutting-edge technology like Cabin Watch, Display Audio, and Cabin Talk focus on keeping kiddos safe and entertained on the road. Because who wants to listen to kids scream while on a road trip? Not me, and trust me, I have three of them!

Tell us, which one is your favorite feature?

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