This Wide-Body Honda S2000 Is What Dreams Are Made Of

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We got up close and personal with one of the hottest S2000s on the streets, and here’s what we found out.

The Honda S2000 has always enjoyed popularity and praise. From the moment it hit dealerships, it won the heart of enthusiasts, but more importantly, it won the heart of folks who just wanted a fun and simple car. It’s that intricate recipe that’s able to speak to car folks and normal civilians, that makes a vehicle extra special.

I recently had a unique opportunity, one that came via Facebook messenger late one night, and it originated because a friend of a friend shared a few words about me. To make a long story short, a day after the initial contact, Ger Reyes, his wife, and their incredible wide-body Honda S2000 pulled up to my house. Unfortunately, a torrential downpour meant everyone had to head inside, and postpone car shenanigans until later.


Eventually we had the chance to explore the magnificent Honda, and chat with Ger about his project. The full story and photo gallery is at, so make sure to head that way and check it out.

Special thanks to Ger and his wife for taking the time to stop by my home, and to Matthieu Picard from NapcarPhotography for the incredible shots.


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