Secure Your 2017 Honda Civic Type R Today for $85,000

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Dude from Craigslist makes markup-crazy dealerships look like cute and innocent grandmas.

Any time a hotly anticipated car comes to the United States, enthusiasts of all ages and tax brackets go nuts. Of course, things only get worse when some of them have enough cash to take advantage of a situation, and proceed to turn a profit/annoy the crap out of people.

That’s exactly what someone from the San Francisco area is (or was) trying to do. The original ad has now been removed, but we have a feeling that if this dude’s serious, it’s only a matter of time before it resurfaces. According to Tire Meets Roadthe ad author promised someone a 2017 Honda Civic Type R in or around June 15th of this year.

type r

The full ad reads:

“I already have a large deposit down at a Honda dealership for a new Type R launching this June. This is a guaranteed deal that the dealership and myself are already committed to with paperwork to prove. I will be taking delivery of this vehicle on June 15th or sooner depending on the actual arrival date.

I do not know what color this vehicle will be nor does the dealership. I will be selling this vehicle to a committed buyer I have selected beforehand. 

I am solely selling this vehicle because of an opportunity to make money to fund my other interest. I am absolutely in love with this car and have no problems keeping it if I am not satisfied with the offers. 

With that said, my selling price on this is $85,000. If you think this is crazy, then this isn’t the car for you or feel free to add your name to the extremely long list of people for every Honda Dealership in hopes of landing one. 

Please contact me only through email at this time using the reply link above. As time gets closer, I will be providing my full contact info and meet the individual in person to finalize.”

type r

Right away we notice that whoever wrote this isn’t your typical Craigslist troll or scammer. The ad itself is written extremely well, and perhaps by someone who’s actually attended school, or at least paid attention during English class.

With an MSRP of approximately $35,000, it’d be ludicrous for anyone to spend $85k. Heck, at that point  it’d be smarter to fall victim to dealership markups ranging from $2,500 to $10,000.

But hey, as someone once told me: “Something is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it.”

Is a new Type R and huge bragging rights worth $85,000?

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