UPDATE: ‘Crazy CR-V Lady’ Loses License and Heads to Court

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The infamous Honda CR-V-driving lady from Topeka caused havoc again, but this time she was busted.

Last week we brought you news of a dangerous driver dubbed “The CR-V Lady,” who is in fact, exactly that: a reckless driver of a Honda CR-V who lives in Topeka, Kansas. Oh, and she even has her own “CR-V Lady Awareness of Topeka” Facebook group

Adding to her list of over 20 traffic violations since 1996 (including two DUI convictions) seems to be her hobby, but it seems like the good times have roared to an end. According to KSNT, the Topeka demon has had her license revoked, and is due back in court on May 24.


This latest citation came from an encounter Patricia McDonald (her real name) had with law enforcement at a gas station, when the clerk had to call the police after she became violent when asked for ID. Once police arrived, McDonald yelled at the officer, hopped in her CR-V, and allegedly took off driving recklessly — again.

A witness told Jalopnik: “She made a big u-turn in the turning lane around another car into oncoming traffic, driving very recklessly. It made my heart drop. I was afraid someone was going to get hit.”

Something tells us this story is far from over, so stay tuned!

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Photos via: [KSNT]

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