Watch This 475-Horsepower Supercharged Integra Type-R Absolutely Fly

By - BYP Australia Integra time attack

BYP Racing’s supercharged time-attack Integra has V8 Supercars pace.

Ten-second Integras don’t just fall out of the sky, so it’s completely nuts to see this 10-second Integra ripping around an Australian road course almost as quickly as the country’s famed V8 Supercars can go. Then again, this is a car built to the wide-open regulations of time attack. Gigantic aerodynamic devices? Carbon-fiber body panels? Hybrid 2.4-liter supercharged K-engine with 475 horsepower? Tick all of those boxes for the BYP Racing 2001 Honda Integra Type R.

The engine is an 11.0:1 compression K24 forged block with K20 Type R heads that feature Stage 2 camshafts and porting. The BYP Racing Rotrex C38-92 blower shoves 18 pounds of boost into the engine, coaxing out an astonishing 475 horsepower. As the Fullboost video says, the Integra has run as quick as 10.7 seconds at 150 miles per hour in quarter-mile testing. That power all goes through a close-ratio six-speed gearbox with a limited-slip differential.

The Integra wears Wedsport TC105N wheels that are bigger in the front (18×10.5) than the rear (17×9). To use up all that power, the front Advan 050 tires are fittingly enormous at 295/35/18 with smaller 235/45/17s in the rear. Six-piston front calipers from J’s Racing bind on 13-inch brake rotors to stop the car with an OEM rear brake setup.

Like most time-attack builds, the BYP Racing is super-lightweight with oodles of carbon-fiber replacement body parts. The curb weight sits at an incredibly 2,010 pounds without the driver. Throw in a massive rear wing, big spoiler, multi-level dive planes, and a diffuser to maximize downforce and you have the makings of one of the world’s quickest front-wheel-drive time attack cars.

How fast is it? At the recent Vic Time Attack at Phillip Island, BYP Racing driver Benny Tran clocked a 1:36.0 lap (as seen in the video). That was good for second place by less than a second and the quickest front-wheel-drive car at the event by more than seven seconds.

When it ran at Sydney Motorsports Park for the World Time Attack Challenge in 2014, the Integra logged a best time of 1:31.4. That is only 0.5 second slower than the all-time lap record for V8 Supercars. Half a second slower than the country’s premiere racing cars in a front-wheel-drive Honda.

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