FN2 Civic Type R Review & Race vs. Drone

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The last naturally-aspirated FN2 Civic Type R in a race against a drone?

With the current and upcoming Civic Type R being turbocharged, no longer will we ever see an R from Honda with a high-revving naturally aspirated engine under the hood. Though it’s already been about 10 years since the 8th Generation CTR has debuted, it really doesn’t feel that long ago. As you already know, there were two different variations of the CTR – Japan got the FD2 Sedan and Europe received the FN2 3-door Hatchback. Of course, the U.S. didn’t received any sort of CTR. Little did we know that we would have to wait another decade to finally get our turn.

Love it or hate it?

Critical reception for the FN2 hasn’t always been in its favor. Whether it’s the bubbly Jetson’s style body shape or the rear torsion bar, the FN2 just seemed to be in the shadow of its JDM FD2 counterpart. Yes, I may favor the FD2 a bit more, but the FN2 doesn’t look all too bad if you ask me. Then again, I’m a sucker for a proper sporty hot hatch especially if it’s from Honda. However, if you put the hammer down and row through the gears, your senses will start to tingle and all the minor gripes start to trickle away. The distinctive note of an atmospheric 4-banger engine revving past 8,000 RPM would make any car enthusiast smile from ear to ear.

The transition from NA to turbocharging

Seeing the presenter hoon the FN2 about, basically hitting redline with every gear change reminds us of the last bit of the NA era for not just the Civic Type R, but Honda R cars in general. Going forward, it seems that turbocharging is the foreseeable future of Honda. The screaming sounds of the old are gone, but will never be forgotten. Just for fun, the FN2 lined up against a drone for a race and as you’d expect, the little aerial machine won.

What do you all think of the FN2 Civic Type R?

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