Type R Retrospective: Integra Versus Civic

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Honda’s Type R is a label given to only the brand’s top performance cars. How does the first Type R, sold in the US, compare to the turbocharged Type R?    

The new Honda Civic Type R is the latest and greatest from the brand. It has a turbocharged engine, and that is a first for a Type R. Look back at the R badged cars of Honda’s past and you will see high revving, light weight, track focused machines. Has the new boosted motor ruined the high revving heritage of the Type R badge?

Honda-tech.com Civic Type R vs Integra Type R

NSX Type R

The first Honda to wear the R badge was the Honda NSX. Engineers stripped it of all the creature comforts and sound deadening, losing 265 pounds over a stock NSX. They added a track-focused suspension and special light weight wheels. The 3-liter V6 has 270 horsepower and revs to 8,300 rpm. The raw and racecar inspired NSX is a pure driving machine.

Integra Type R

Honda introduced the DC2 Integra Type R in Japan in 1995. It wasn’t until 1997, that the US received its first R badged DC2. Sold under the Acura brand, the R badged Integra was 93 lbs. lighter than the GSR and had 25 more horsepower. Weighing in around 2,600 pounds and boasting 195 hp from the 1.8 liter inline four, it was quick and nimble. The little motor also screamed all the way to 8,400 rpm.

Civic Type R

The R badge is back and for the first time in the US, a Civic wears the R. The whole Civic lineup has gone turbocharged, so it’s no surprise the R has boost. The CTR’s 2.0 liter engine puts out a massive 306 horsepower and puts the power through a limited-slip differential. It’s the fastest and most capable Civic ever. All that turbo power comes with a sacrifice. Redline is only 7,000 rpm, the lowest of any R ever sold.

Honda-tech.com Civic Type R vs Integra Type R

In this video, Andrew P. Collins of Jalopnik compares the US spec Type Rs. Collins is a former DC2 owner himself and lusted after the R badged Integra. He found a stock, low mile 2000 Acura Integra to compare to the 2017 Honda Civic. Watch the video to see what Collins thinks of the older, higher revving, Integra when driven back to back, with the new Civic. Let us know what you think of the R badged comparison in the comments.

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