Turbo Civic Smashes the Drag Strip

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honda-tech.com turbo B18 civic drag

1320Video, Kings of Drag Racing, have found an interesting competitor at I29 Dragway. This EG Civic is competing in a Head’s Up, No-Prep elimination drag racing series, and it means business. Let’s talk shop.

Give us the details.

This Civic hatch features a 1.8L stock block B18C1 engine lifted from an integra GSR, that has been turbocharged to produce 372 wheel horsepower. In the age of 1,000 wheel horsepower roll race extraordinaires that figure, though impressive, sounds a bit light. However, what’s really light is the car that 372 horsepower is pulling around: this Civic weighs just 1670 pounds. It uses a modified version of the standard 5-speed manual transmission, which has the stock gearset with beefed up Synchrotech synchros and an MFactory LSD. However, for reasons unknown, fifth gear is capped off, making it a four speed gearbox.

honda-tech.com turbo B18 civic drag

No hiding this car’s intentions. I love the exhaust and turbo wastegate dumps that shoot out of the hood, tractor pull style.

Times are all that matter.

Well, you’re not wrong. This turbocharged tin can is running a head’s up event, so no times appear at the finish. However, the owner can be found in the comments section of the video answering questions. He answered the one that matters: [email protected] in the quarter. Running low 10 second passes with “only” 372 horsepower is quite an achievement.

Lest you think the result is all because of the car, and not the driver, let’s review the video again. Miguel and his Honda Civic turbo are crushing all at the tree. Swift reaction times (R/T’s) and knowing how to work the tree are critical skills in drag racing, especially elimination events like these. The guy is consistent, and consistently good at launching the car hard, and fast but still getting it to hook up well.

Watch the competition fall to the wayside with this animal of a turbo Civic:

[via 1320video]

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