Uber Driver Stabs Man for Disrespecting His Honda Civic

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A male Uber driver was arrested for allegedly stabbing a man in the face, chest and back. The reason, are you ready? “Disrespecting” his Honda Civic. Yes, this psycho man has taken the love for his Civic to a whole new level.

According to the Detroit Free Press, the Bloomfield Township Police Department responded to an emergency 911 call around 1:30 a.m. The police arrived to the scene and discovered 23-year-old Jacob Matthew Allemon fighting with a 49-year-old man in the backseat. After corroborating statements, the Uber driver was arrested at the crime scene.

It all started when the victim and his wife requested an Uber ride after enjoying a holiday party in the suburbs of Detroit. Once the driver arrived, the victim tapped on Allemon’s window to confirm he was his Uber driver. According to reports, the “tapping” action severely angered Allemon, who felt the passenger had disrespected his vehicle.

It’s still unclear if any words were exchanged at that moment, but the couple boarded the vehicle and made it about a mile down the road, where Allemon pulled into a mall parking lot. Consequently, things really went south at that point. Reports say that the victim requested another Uber due to the snow storm, though it’s not clear if this was because of the Honda Civic’s poor snow performance, or because of Allemon’s attitude. As a result, a fight broke out and the victim was stabbed several times in the chest, face and back.

According to police, the victim was able to disarm Allemon and restrain him until the police arrived. As usual, Uber corporate’s involvement has been minimal, and have basically said: “This is terrible, and we are so sorry.” (That’s the same response I received during a similar personal experience two years ago.)

Allemon was charged with assault with the intent to do great bodily harm less than murder, and bail was set for $250,000. Hopefully the thought of his Honda Civic getting towed to an impound lot will make him suffer. Heck, I hope they pull a “soup kitchen” in it!

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