5 Most Memorable Honda and Acura Moments of 2016

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SEMA 2016

A Look Back at Some of the Year’s Top Honda and Acura Articles on Honda-Tech.com

For some of you, 2016 may have been a great year. We hope it was. For some of you, 2016 was…less than perfect. The good news is that Honda and Acura cars were still on the road and at auto shows. We made sure to share pictures and video of them here on Honda-Tech.com whenever we got the chance. We’ve taken five of the top Honda and Acura posts from the past year and put them below – just in case you need a reminder of the positive things that came out of 2016.

Type R Returns: Civic Type R makes its North American Debut at 2016 SEMA Show

The Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas is a huge showcase of wildly modified cars, and aftermarket parts and accessories. It’s also the first place in North America where Honda showed off its new Civic Type R Prototype, which gives us a preview of the hot Honda that will be coming to the states next year. Viva la VTEC!


2016 Civic Type R Hits Unrestricted Autobahn

Everyone dreams of taking a high-performance car as fast as they can on the Autobahn. Not everyone gets to do that, though. Fortunately, CarThrottle was able to do that with a 2016 Civic Type R – and decided to film it.


Los Angeles Auto Show: New Civic Si Fails to Impress

Honda’s are so much fun to rev up and rip up the road with. That’s part of the reason why we weren’t blown away by the new Civic Si at the LA Auto Show. The 7,000-rpm redline strikes us as a place that will be rarely visited by drivers of the super Civic.


HT Member Turns His Stock Integra Into a 190 MPH Machine

When you think of an Acura that can do 190 mph, which one do you picture? The new NSX, right? That makes sense. You should also envision this H-T member’s insane Integra, which is on its way to hitting that speed.

Honda S2000 vs. Subaru BRZ: Street and Track Showdown

Four cylinders, rear-wheel drive, natural aspiration, manual gearboxes – the Honda S2000 and Subaru BRZ have a lot in common. However, there are several years of development, hundreds of pounds, and different company philosophies that separate them. What separates the better of the two from its competitor, though? There’s only one way to find out…

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