The Best of Honda from the 2017 Chicago Auto Show (Gallery)

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The Chicago Auto Show has just begun, and part of our team is there covering the event live. Honda has been quietly working on it’s North American auto show presence this past year. First there was the closed reveal of the new Civic Si at Los Angeles, where the car was privately debuted to a select group of journalists. Detroit was a subtle showcase as well, with the Si and Type-R being there out in the open without fanfare. The same seems to be the case at Chicago. No big fuss, just showing the cars.

First off we have a the 2017 Honda Civic in it’s many guises. The brand has brought along the coupe, sedan and hatch body styles, including the new Civic Turbo. Alongside it’s showroom stock brethren is the Global Rallycross Civic.

Up next is Civic’s big brother, the Accord. Again, Honda brought many various guises to the show. We spy a Base LX, Hybrid and a Touring. No love for the V6, 6-speed manual coupe, our perennial favorite of the bunch, but that’s alright.

As does seem to be the way with Honda/Acura, this NSX has been making the rounds at auto shows for-seemingly-ever. We are quite certain it is at least the same NSX that was in Los Angeles a few months ago, and likely the same one from Detroit. It’s design is most certainly striking, though I would struggle to call it handsome. Yours truly would still prefer a late model “NA2” NSX in Championship White, though I’m not holding my breath.

The revised CR-V is there, because of course it would be. Compact utility vehicles are a massive money maker for manufacturers these days. Vehicles like the CR-V have great brand cache as reliable family runabouts. The baby HR-V may as well be a four-wheeled money printer for Honda. That said, as the CR-V has grown in size to make room beneath it for the HR-V, it has increasingly become a Pilot clone. So much so that I had to do a double take on a few of these pictures.

I’m actually still half-convinced that the white CR-V in the middle up there may actually be a Pilot, and that I’ve completely lost my marbles. You be the judge. Here is the new Honda Pilot, alongside it’s Ridgeline stablemate. This second-generation Ridgeline is a fantastic truck for someone who wants a great daily driver with enough utility for 95% of life’s projects.

Let’s round this off with a few last pictures. The Honda Fit, majorly unchanged for 2017 is at the show. It wears the new Honda corporate identity well-enough, but it’s much the same as it’s forebearer. Here’s to hoping that the next generation of Fit is packing some 1.5T power and an Si badge.

Alongside that is a motorsport showcase, emphasizing Honda’s “The Power of Dreams” mantra. Included is the infamous bright orange REPSOL MotoGP bike, the retired icon #98 Indy car,and some open-wheel goodness.

Did we miss anything that you wanted to see? Drop a comment and we will get our photographer on the job, ASAP!

Jake Stumph is the lead Content Editor for Honda-Tech and several other Internet Brands Automotive websites. He enjoys track days, drifting, and autocross, at least, when his cars are running right.

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