Watch This Crazy Australian Wheel an EG Civic Around Mount Panorama Circuit

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Watch This EG Civic Take All Challengers Around Mount Panorama

Mount Panorama is Australia’s most iconic circuit.┬áLocated in Bathurst, New South Wales, the circuit is famous for it’s Bathurst 1000 and the Bathurst 12 Hours race. Said Bathurst 12 Hours race just took place this past weekend. As a precursor to the event, there were a number of “support program” classes that provided incredible levels of entertainment. In addition to races like the Radical Australia Cup and the Ferrari Sports Session, there was the spectacular Improved Production race.

Improved Production is a race series that has a liberal rulebook on modifications for race cars that began as road-going vehicles. Things likes engines, suspension, brake, basic bodywork and aerodynamic aids can be modified. The only steadfast rule is that engine swaps must come from the same family tree. That means things like B;K or even J-series engine swaps are fair game. There are only two classes in I.P., the “under-2 liter” class and the “over-2 liter” class. However, regardless of class, all of the Improved Production cars race on track at the same time. This makes for some truly spectacular battles with a massive variety of cars.

Honda-tech forum members are talking about this amazing race already.

That brings us to Australian wild man, Jordan Cox of Cox Motorsport/Bilstein Racing. Jordan is competing in the Under 2 Liter class with his Honda Civic EG hatchback. It is listed as being a 2000 model year in the registration list, but that must be a typo, as it’s clearly an EG body. Through sheer bravery and power of will, this wily Australian wheels his EG through some seriously fast race traffic. A few Hail Mary type maneuvers help him get past some fast looking cars. I spy several generations of BMW M3, a classic Toyota Celica and an older Holden Commodore. The rear-wheel drive sports cars never stood a chance against Jordan and his EG.

[via Motorsport AU]

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