Honda’s Civic Is Historically Important, These Five More Than Any Others

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From the first generation to the new Type-R, which Civics are the most important ever?

Since the 1970s the Honda Civic has been an important part of the automotive landscape and remains among the most popular cars on the market even today. It can be considered a historically important model in the history of the modern automobile, especially the history of the Honda brand. No other manufacturer is so associated to front-wheel drive performance cars like Honda. There have been a number of different iterations, ranging from economically-minded, earth-saving, fuel-sippers to pavement-pounding turbocharged terror sports cars. If you had to pick five Civics to be labeled as more important than all the rest, which five would you choose? Surely the one that started it all would make the list, no? What about an Si or Type-R sporty variant? Which ones make the cut?

In this video, Car Throttle runs down their list of five Civics, and while there is sure to be some argument about a few of them, it’s actually a pretty good list.

  1. The Original CVCC – The CVCC gave Honda a place at the big-kids table in the middle of the fuel shortage crisis of the mid-1970s. People all over the world embraced fuel economy and simplicity, while Honda delivered just that, and in spades.
  2. Gen 3 Civic Si (JDM Specification) – The EK hatchback Si delivered 122 horsepower in a compact and fun platform that didn’t cost too much. It was Japan’s answer to the Golf GTi, delivering more power and better handling.
  3. EK9 Civic Type-R – The B16B engine is a real gem, even by Honda standards, producing a good bit over 100 horsepower per liter. Combined with a close ratio transmission and a helical limited slip, plus the sublime lightweight hatchback chassis, this thing was a dream in its day and remains a Honda-head favorite.
  4. FD2 Civic Type-R – Here’s where their list starts to go off the rails. The JDM FD2 is surely a great Honda, but the most important? [Editor’s Note: The FD2 is awesome, Brad has lost his mind. – Sincerely, an FA5 Civic Si owner.]
  5. FK2 Civic Type-R – This one we’ll agree with¬†because the FK2 brought big-power and turbocharging to the Type-R platform. After years of high-rev naturally aspirated small-bore fours, the new turbocharged CTR is a huge and dramatic shift in the way Honda builds hot hatches.

So, what’s on your list? Do you agree with any of the cars on Car Throttle’s list? historically important honda civic models EK9 Type-R

[Source: Car Throttle on YouTube]

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