The New Tenth Gen Civic Has a Cool Hidden Easter Egg

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Honda was clever in hiding this little Easter egg, so much so that it took a year for people to find.

It’s always fun to discover little known secrets about cars. A cool hidden feature has been unearthed in the new Honda Civic. We had a tenth gen Civic here at the office for a week, and not even we knew about this one.

As per our friends at Motor Authority, there is a rubber mat inside the center console of the new Civic. Pull that out and flip it over. On the underside of that mat is a picture history of the Honda brand. There are four different designs, each showcasing a unique element of Honda.

[UPDATE, 5/25: A few Honda-tech commenters have noted that this Easter egg isn’t in every trim level of Civic. As per owners’ notes, this may be reserved for EX trim levels and higher.]

Motorcycles of multiple varieties; Formula 1 cars from several generations; aircraft; sports cars and even ASIMO are all here, in rather intricate detail. The artwork here looks more like something you would find on the wall of Honda North America, not the underside of a Civic’s center console. However, going the extra mile and doing this is special. It shows intent. It shows that Honda really does give a damn about their history and the cars they make.

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