Stanced Civic Struggles to Exit Driveway

By - Honda Civic EG stance stanced fail

You don’t really need door sills with a stanced Civic, do you?

“There’s a reason there are virtually no good 90’s Civics left on the road anywhere,” says 7Tune about this video they posted of a stanced-and-dragging fifth-gen Civic coupe. Indeed, the exaggerated camber, scraping body panels, “hater pipe” exhaust, and general half-baked completion look absurd. We’re left wondering much about the hows and whys, but maybe it’s best just to nod along with raised eyebrows as this short story unfolds.

Of course, the “EARTH SCRATCH” decal emblazoned across the windshield doesn’t lie. Simply backing the car down the driveway creates clearance problems. As the car gets hung up on the bodywork from the slightly uneven pavement, the engine stalls repeatedly. Eventually, a pickup lends some help to drag it, kicking and scraping, onto the road.

From there, it’s all smooth sailing and…No, just kidding. The Civic scrapes and bangs and drags its way down the rural two-lane road like a three-wheeled Radio Flyer. Whatever the criteria is for judging this kind of car, this rates highly for lowness. Or lowly. It’s all very confusing. Is the point to come as close to the ground without scraping? Or is the point to make the car so low that it scrapes but can still (barely) drive down the road? Whichever way is ideal, it’s clear this Civic teeters on the knife-edge of “driveable.”

So what of 7Tune’s comment? Is this really where all the decent ‘90s Civics have gone? Honda built millions of these things so you can still find a usable, albeit rough, Civic. However, the difficulty in finding an unmolested CRX suggests some precedence. If you can find a CRX with good paint that hasn’t been bedliner-bombed with half-baked B-Series swap, then you’re a better online excavator than I am.

As time presses on and these chassis march past 25 years from the factory, they inevitably become harder to find. We hope there are plenty to go around and that the people turning Civic subframes to sparks become bigger fans of Civic four-doors in the near future.

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