This Six-Wheeled Civic Limo is a Masterpiece

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An ambitious Honda Civic project car with some serious issues reflects the environment of its owner.

Every now and again, I see something from my hometown – Akron, Ohio – that’s so¬†incredible that I have to share it with my West Coast-based editors. Usually it’s a Black Keys song or an old Devo clip, but this past week on a routine Craigslist crawl I encountered this gem.

This six-wheeled Civic – described by its ambitious owner as a limo – has a lot going on. I’m going to do my best to give a little background about the environment that inspired the art.

With Ohio leading the nation in opiate overdoses, there’s a potentially easy joke to make about the inspiration for this Civic build. But as someone who lives in Akron, I understand that several months of cold, snow, and salt mean that our project cars stay tucked away.

This can lead to some pretty intense cabin fever and more than a few bad ideas for the direction of your project. With the winter seeming endless at times, ideas for potential builds can get pretty out of hand when it seems like you have all the time in the world before spring.¬†“I’m gonna kill the game next year” is a mantra repeated in white puffs of air in front of our faces as we shiver in our unheated garages.

While I was unable to contact the current owner, leaving me with one solitary photo of this masterpiece – I feel I can speak for them when I say that this project likely had noble intentions and sensible goals at its outset. As the snow thawed, the grim, harsh realities of the build met the grim, harsh realities of Akron’s rusty grey post-industrial landscape.

See the original ad on Akron-Canton Craigslist here. It simply must be read to be believed. From the ad:

Civic limo
Has rebuilt title
D16y7 non VTEC
Very slow
Led dash lites and is lit up inside
Burns oil
5 speed
Made from a few cars has EF rear end
Crazy car but will get around has caravan seats with belts in rear
Exhaust is open header to 2 inch pipe dumped at first rear axle with a turndown very loud

Dog walks tho in the rear
Eats a tire In about 150 miles
Lots of great parts tho trans is a lower mileage pull a part special no grinds
Obo will trade for guitars or bangs lol make an offer

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