Multi-year Honda Civic VX Build Is Worth a Long Look

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Honda Civic

Builds vary greatly in length and depth. But this Honda Civic hatch spans six years and two build threads!

As many of us know, building a car is a labor of love. Albeit one that’s well worth it. Well, most of the time. Yes, building something with your own two hands is both frustrating and rewarding, often requiring years of hard labor and countless dollars. But few builds we come across represent more of a labor of love than this Honda Civic VX hatch owned by Honda-Tech member speedjunkie_g35. He’s been working on this thing so long, in fact, that it now has not one, but two build threads.

“I bought this 1994 Honda Civic VX completely stock back in 2010. Here’s the original build thread when I swapped a GSR out of a ’99 with 80k miles and boosted it with a Go-Autowerks 54mm turbo kit. I ran it for a few years and kept upping the boost till everything was at its limits. The GSR longblock did a hell of job holding up to the abuse I put it through. PB on the 100% stock motor was [email protected] mph.

Finally, it came to a point where the rings were giving out and I started getting smoke under boost. So I tore it down to build something stronger. Turns out the turbo seals were giving out and not my rings. That could have saved me three years down time while I was going through a divorce. But I was able to keep the race car and house.

Three years later, I am back ordering parts to handle the 61mm I’m throwing on it this year. When I tore my GSR engine down, I came across a deal for a built LS short block, not even broken in. I’m a sucker for a deal.”

Honda Civic

Not a bad way to kick off this Honda Civic hatch’s second lease on life, we’d say. And we’re digging the parts list thus far.

“So at this point the engine build consist of:
84mm Darton mid sleeved LS block
Arias outlaw pistons (coated)
Crower rods
GSR head with CTR cams
Turbonetic TGA 6157
S300 w bbg 
ID 2000s”

At this point, it’s just a matter of waiting on parts. Which is always the holdup with this sort of project. But you can bet we’re excited to see this Honda Civic come back together again. For the second time around. In the meantime, head over here and catch up with the full history of the car. And stay tuned over here for the latest progress!

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