Turbocharged Acura Integra is a Lean, Mean, Flame-Spitting Machine

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Turbo Integra manages to slay V8-powered sports cars in tremendous fashion!

The Acura Integra, whether the base, GSR or Type R is dearly missed in the Honda community. Its combination of good looks, lightweight package, and excellent performance makes it one of the most basic but most enjoyable Japanese cars to drive. If modified, the driving enjoyment factor only goes through the roof.

This footage recently uploaded to YouTube by 1320video brings us an Integra that we can only imagine would be a blast to drive, even if it’s just in a straight line. According to the owner’s verbal description of the build, it features a 2.0-liter GSR engine which is boosted by a 67mm turbocharger neatly routed through a cutout in the lower front bumper. Oh, and it has a “fake” intercooler!


The best part of the video is seeing the Integra go head-to-head with several V8-powered American rides such as a Corvette, Camaro, and Mustang, and tear them all to pieces. It might be painful for some of you to watch, but for us, it’s pure vehicular joy.

Turn up the volume!

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