Mugen-Infused EP3 Civic Si Build will Inspire You

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Though the EP3 Civic Si wasn’t the most desirable platform at first, its popularity is rising.

One of our favorite Youtubers, Yvette Moreno, seems to find and feature the best Hondas on his Automotive Anatomy YouTube channel. This time Moreno interviews Timothy Wage and checks out his 2003 Honda Civic Si. This thing is clean, and has a handful of Mugen parts to take the looks up a notch.

One of the most controversial points in the EP3 is the shifter. Described by many as weird, and by the British as “rally car inspired” Tim has his own take on it: after driving it, his tune changed, “I actually fell in love with the shifter,” he admits to Moreno. “After talking so much shit about that shifter, it’s probably the best feature of the car, to be honest.”

2003 Honda Civic Si EP3 front

The exterior modifications really took off after an unfortunate incident. Tim explained that someone backed into the Civic with a tow hitch, putting a nasty hole into the front USDM bumper. A good friend swooped in and convinced him not to waste money taking it back to stock. Now he’s sporting an EP3 Type R front bumper with the Mugen grille and front lip. Out back he’s got a wing that we like, but one he plans to replace. It’s basically just a knock-off of the Mugen wing, but we understand when the real deal is $1,700. One step at a time.

2003 Honda Civic Si EP3 interior

Inside the interior is all Honda, but not all stock EP3. The red seats are Recaro Type R seats from the UK/JDM Type R EP3. Tim’s future plans for the car include installing a leather Mugen steering wheel and a respray in the original color. We missed it the first time, but the roof paint is peeling a bit.

2003 Honda Civic Si EP3

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