Private Honda Collection in Guatemala Will Leave You Speechless

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Who knew Guatemala was one of the biggest importers of sick JDM cars?

Seriously. We’d never have guessed Guatemala would be in the top 10, much less one of the top importers of cool JDM cars in the world. But we’ve seen and now we believe! Honda Pro Jason got some time walking around the collection of local Honda enthusiast, Ariel Aguilar. The collection of seven cars has some straight up legends: two Integra Type Rs, a Civic SiR-II, and even an EP3 Type R. Oh, and one of the Integras has a complete Mugen body kit. Interested yet? So were we.

Js Racing Honda S2000

The S2000 is a J’s Racing car. No, not that it has the J’s body kit. This is literally the car they used to show off their products. “It’s a complete J’s Racing S2K,” Aguilar tells Jason. Everything from suspension, to engine, and everything in between is J’s. Jason admits that the only place he’d ever seen an S2000 looked as good was, surprise, when he spent time with the J’s racing guys in Japan.

Honda Civic Type R EP3

The EP3 is one of our favorite Civics. Maybe it’s the under-appreciated status, or the perfectly positioned shifter. All that aside, there’s no doubt the Si pales in comparison to the EP3 Type R. The one the rest of the world got may have won a few more people over had it landed stateside. This one also has a complete Buddy Club body kit.

The Crown Jewel

Just like Jason, we saved the best for last: the first gen Civic. Aguilar spent six years visiting the previous owner annually and politely asking if they would be interested in selling it. Why? The Civic is sporting a Jackson Racing widebody kit. Not only that, it has a turbo kit designed for, and installed on, the original engine.

We were surprised and refreshed too see the vintage Civic still rocking the original engine. The cherry on the cake was the fact that the original owner drove the Civic off the lot in Guatemala as it sits today. The turbo and body kit were installed by the dealer! Aguilar is a lucky man.

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