Member Spotlight: Quest to Build a 190 MPH Car in the Half-Mile

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The standing half-mile is a challenge for many cars. To get from zero miles-per-hour to some ridiculous speed that quickly requires aerodynamics and a metric-ton of power. Forum member gringotegra is trying to break the 190 mph barrier with his modified Integra. What an admirable goal!

Here are a list of modification gringotegra has performed to his ride;

Sleeved 84mm GSR
10.5:1 Wiseco Hd Pistons
Manley Turbo Tuff Rods.
Supertech Valve springs/Retainers
Ferrea 6000 IN/EX valves
Ferrea Keepers
B16 head
GSC Power-Division Turbo Cams

4.5L Skunk2 Ultra Series
Skunk2 90mm TB
FIC 2150’s
E100 fuel
Stock sumped fuel tank
Twin 255’s inline

ETS Forward Facing Turbo manifold
ETS 3″ Intercooler piping
ETS 4x12x24″ intercooler
Precision 6262, T3 .82A/R

And here’s some dynoporn showing the car making an Earth-shattering 742 wheel horsepower!

During his first run, he managed 182 mph with zero aero work. No matter how you slice it, that’s really fast. Especially when you consider there really wasn’t any work done to the body to help it cut through the air any easier.

Above is one of his attempts to break into the 190 mph club. We wish him the best of luck in the future!

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