Acura Entering Electric Pikes Peak Game With 4-Motor NSX Concept

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In its first racing debut in North America, Acura is going all out with three different NSX racers competing in three different classes. Not only will two of the supercars hit the hill in the Time Attack 1 and Time Attack 2 races, an entirely new all-electric concept based on the NSX will face other EVs in the Electric Modified Class, which will be in its second year.

Though seeing an electric NSX is brand new, the underpinnings of the project is actually an evolution of the CRZ-based electric prototype Acura tested at Pikes Peak last year. Acura is call it an SH-AWD powertrain, short for Super Handling All-Wheel Drive. As opposed to the hybrid system in the stock NSX that features a twin-turbo V6 and three motors, the EV NSX will not have an engine, but rather four electric motors, one for each wheel.

According to Acura, the new powertrain setup makes three times the total system output of the CRZ prototype and will also feature supposedly the world’s first four-wheel independent torque allocation technology.¬†Tetsuya Yamano, the¬†driver of last year’s CRZ will be behind the wheel. The week of June 24 is going to be a huge weekend for Acura.

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