Complete Guide to LS B18a and B18b Builds without VTEC

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ls b18a b18b guide

A frequently-asked about question over in the forums is about a non-VTEC LS B18a or B18b build. Because of the lack of information in one place, we compiled everything we know into a forum thread to help get you on your way to this build and answer any questions that you might have.

Forum member CW96 started the thread to try to get everything into one place, and then link out to each individual story about the subject. Each part of the process is broken down into sub-categories with associated links.

Discussions include the OEM piston usage, which internals are interchangeable with little or no modifications, and even a guide to the most reliable setups. All of this is to help make sure your build goes as easy as possible, with the fewest hiccups.

Head on over to the forums and check out the guide, and be sure to add your own build to the list.

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