Matt Farah drives a 385-Horsepower Honda S2000

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This Honda S2000 isn’t necessarily a “back to basics” roadster, and it isn’t a budget racer either. So, what makes it so special?

For starters, its supercharged. In addition, the owner’s dumped enough money in it to buy three lightly-used, unmolested S2000 examples. As you can see, this Honda is far from ordinary, and we’re going to let Matt Farah tell us everything about it on this episode of One Take.

At first glance, this Honda S200 looks like it came straight out of Need for Speed Underground. The big wing, the wrap-around Vortex body kit, and the raucous sounds makes conjure up the early 2000s, when the let’s-put-a-big-wing-on-everything movement began. That being said, this little Honda is anything but just another big-winged S2000.


This bad boy is the creation of Alex, who previously owned another S2K but had to sell it to start his own business. Once he was able to do so again, he purchased another one, and claims he “immediately spent $30k modifying it.” To that we say, great job! As the title claims, this S2000 pushes 385 horsepower and it only weights 2,670 pounds dry.

Enjoy the video and experience the fury!

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