Marshawn Lynch Still Has an ’86 Civic

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Marshawn Lynch is not your average borderline Hall of Fame NFL running back. He’s actually very matter-of-fact, and pretty practical. Even when he’s not practical, he still is, like when he literally roped off his Lamborghini Aventador when he had to street park it. His legend has grown big and wide, from his love of Buffalo to his in-game Skittle habits, to his dealings with reporters. And as you can see in the Digital Trends video below, he’s given his fans yet another reason to love his peculiar lifestyle.

Recently, Mistah F.A.B., Marshawn’s cousin, was on a podcast and discussing Mr. Lynch’s financial handlings. To put it flatly, F.A.B. said that Lynch is tight with his money and doesn’t like too much excess spending. So maybe it shouldn’t have been a surprise when Lynch, aka Beastmode, told Rick Stella about the 1986 Honda Civic that he owns. He points out that’s the year he was born, which might be why he bought that particular model.

“A to B, you feel me,” he said in the interview. “But I went from the Honda Civic, and I stepped my game up to the Toyota Prius, though, you know what I’m talkin’ about? I’m goin’ green… It’s comfortable. It’s fashionable. And at a point in time when I’m just bored a little bit, I just turn on my Uber sticker and I Uber around the city.”

Yep. Marshawn Lynch is a hero who just came off of a $12 million season with the Seattle Seahawks and still owns a Prius that he drives Uber with. And he still rocks an ’86 Civic. And if you’re still not convinced, he mentions that he does everything else too, from fly fishing to badminton. He’s a true man of the people… as long as they’re not asking him questions after a football game.

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