Member Spotlight: Follow ChryslerKid’s $400 ’97 Civic LX Flip

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Anytime we see a car on its deathbed brought back to life, it brings a warm fuzzy feeling to our chests. It’s always nice to hear stories about people who see potential in washed-up cars, even though they might not be some barn-find Porsche or rusted-out Datsun. It takes a special person to see a car like the one above and say, “Yeah, I’m gonna do this.” So, first off, salute to Honda-Tech member chrysler_kid.

According to his recent post, this bad mamma jamma only cost him $400. Granted, it wasn’t running, but he did get a trunk full of goodies in the sale. His first description is a little confusing, but this is how he came across the car:

“As all good purchases go, hey I’ve got this Honda and it doesn’t run. So after overhearing that part of the conversation my next question was is it a manual or automatic. A manual, ok I’m interested. So I was told it is a 1997 honda civic lx 5 speed and that it hasn’t run in a few months. Asking a few more questions I found that it is primer in color but it was completely stock with no dents.”

Chrysler_kid was told the car had a bad fuel pump, and when he finally saw it, he found that the fluids and belts were acceptable, so he made the deal. Hilariously, he had it towed to his work, so his wife wouldn’t see it right away.

Turns out the reason the car wasn’t starting was because of the distributor. When chrysler_kid cracked it open, he was greeted with all sorts of corrosion, so he replaced that for a quick $200. That at least got the car running. His next order of business was removing the primer in order to bring back the beautiful original green paint. The seller said he wouldn’t find any bondo under that mess. He lied.

This is a fun little resto project to follow. So check it out, and let chrysler_kid know you’re proud of his efforts.

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