4 Things We Want from the New Civic Si

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The tenth generation Honda Civic has already been a game changer for Honda, who has finally embraced turbocharging on a larger scale. The 1.5L turbo engine in the Civic Touring makes the car as fast as the last generation Civic Si, with it’s naturally aspirated K24 engine. If that’s what Honda can do with a small 1.5, imagine what they can do with another 33% more displacement. Here is what we want from the Gen 10 Civic Si.


1. That sweet high RPM power


Honda VTEC engines have typically been rev happy, low-displacement units that scream up top. Sadly, most modern turbo cars make most of their grunt in the midrange and die off before the red line. Give us that tractability and down low grunt, but spread out the power band so we can still enjoy chasing the red line, and being in the VTEC zone.


2. 6-speed manual transmission


Typically an area where Honda shines, looking back at previous hot Civics has shown us as much: The 8th and 9th generation Si models had a slick shifting 6-speed transmission with perfectly spaced gear ratios, and crucially, a Torsen limited-slip differential to help mitigate wheelspin coming out of corners. The thing is, though, torque is what kills transmissions, so usually, manufacturers need tough transmissions to match, which could compromise the fluid, smooth feeling that we’ve come to expect from Honda. Don’t screw this one up.


3. Steering


It is all but certain that the new Si will have electric power steering. Normally, this is a cause for concern, as it tends to feel lifeless, but this is Honda. This is the same company who fitted electric power steering to the S2000 and NSX sports cars and made it feel fantastic. The 8th and 9th gen Si’s had excellent steering, albeit a bit light, so our expectations here are high.


4. Retribution


As fun to drive, reliable and well sorted as they are, the Si has been a massive underdog in the sports compact class for past 15 years, getting its lunch money stolen by the turbocharged, more powerful and torquey competition. It’s hard for most of the critics to look past the 0-60 times, and ¼ mile stats that favored other cars in the same class. Now it’s the Civic’s time to shine, with more firepower than the competition, if Honda can pull off the fit, finish and polish that the brand is renowned for, we could see a return of the Civic Si as the sports compact to own.

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