JDM CR-X has Features We Didn’t Know We Needed

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First generation Honda CR-X in Japan

At first glance it’s just a nicely resto-mod CR-X but a closer look reveals some great details.

We absolutely love following interesting Instagrammers and find some good inspiration when we find people in Japan with the cars we like. We came across akira_osaka, a young man in Osaka (presumably) with a 1984 Honda CRX 1.5i. The CR-X now sports a B18C under the hood, but lots of exterior and interior touches that caught our attention.

Whale CR-X🐳

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First, out back he’s got a sweet garnish that spells out “CR-X” between the rear taillights. On the ’85 we had this was a black panel. It almost gives the rear end a “full-length taillight” look. Really nice, and if you could get your hands on one it would be easy to install. The rear ends of the first-gen CR-X come apart pretty easily.

In that picture, you also get a glimpse of one of the most surprising features: a roof vent. This was the first time we’d seen one, but the appeal was definitely not lost on us.

A couple pictures into this gallery, above, is the vent in question. Anyone who’s been in a 1950s era American pickup will recognize the principle at least. Very cool! According to some Googling the roof vent was both rare, and an option only on non-sunroof cars.

We’re digging the shifter, which looks like one of K-Tuned’s units for a B series.

My CR-X🐳

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The last detail we’ll point to is the Loop6 wheels from Osaka JDM. These guys are known for tuning cars that raced on the infamous “Kanjo”, the Osaka Expressway that winds around the city. Racers who took part in the late-night races through traffic liked the lightweight CR-X and older Civics, so it’s no surprise to find a super clean CR-X in Osaka. We’re guessing Akira grew up while the Kanjo racers were in their heyday. We’ve found that you end up owning, and building, the cars you idolized as a kid.

What do you think about this clean first-gen CR-X?Drop a comment below and let us know.

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