Extra-Minty Honda CRX Si is the Hatch of Dreams

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Honda Civic CRX Si

Preserved ’80s rides just don’t get any better than this stellar CRX Si, a car so great the original owner just couldn’t part with it!

Older performance-grade Hondas are getting harder and harder to find in decent condition. Most of them are beat all to heck and back. Or pieced together like some science experiment gone wrong. So when we spotted this insanely gorgeous 1988 Honda CRX Si over at Bring a Trailer, we found ourselves staring at it in a stunned silence for an undetermined amount of time. And when we came to, we dove in a little deeper.

Is it really possible for a glorious machine like this to exist in our world? Apparently so. We didn’t need smelling salts or a self-imposed pinch to figure that one out. And the story of how this extra-minty CRX Si stayed in such great shape is pretty hilarious, too. Apparently, the original owner purchased the ride as a graduation gift for his daughter. But after driving it home, he just couldn’t part with it. So he kept it himself  for the next 26 years.

Honda CRX Si

With only 52,000 miles on the odometer, he obviously didn’t drive it much either. Still, the original 1.6-liter inline-four has received a proper recent service to keep it running in tip top shape. All the original gear comes with this remarkable ride, including the window sticker and even the O.G. temp plate. Dealer-applied rust protection and paint sealant has undoubtedly helped keep that shiny red paint in like-new condition, too.

Honda CRX Si

Having said that, there are some minor imperfections. Namely a little bubbling around the sunroof and a few spots on the hood. But the rest of this incredible CRX Si looks like it just rolled off the dealership floor. All of which helps us relive our ’80s dreams, at least vicariously. And the site of this gorgeous Honda just makes us want to time travel back to that rad era even more!

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