Turbo Civic Attempts Street Launch, Spills Its Guts Instead

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Watching this Civic spray the road with broken parts is certainly cringe worthy, but also a little bit humorous.

Since the advent of the internet, fail videos have remained one of everyone’s favorite things to watch. This, despite the fact that sometimes, the failure at hand hits a little close to home. That’s certainly the case with this turbo’d Civic and its failed attempt at a street launch. Needless to say, things didn’t quite go according to plan. And thanks to Instagram user 818_1320, we get to painfully relive this moment over and over again.

It all starts off innocently enough, with the modded Civic loading up for a high rpm launch on some side street. But things almost immediately go horribly wrong. Not even 20 feet into it, the Honda’s bottom end explodes and leaves pieces of its innards all the way down the street. Clearly, this one was very expensive way to show off for the camera.

What follows is actually kind of humorous, however. “Oh my God…nooooo” screams some dude in the background. And after the obligatory expletives, our resident camera man surveys the damage. He even heads up to the front of the Civic to check if the turbo is fine, which it appears to be. So that’s a small consolation, at least. The comments are equally hilarious. “Don’t worry guys, it was probably a total of $36 in damage,” said slowesti. “Sounded like Sonic losing his rings to me,” added dadooder123.

There’s no telling what exactly caused this carnage, but we’re betting the owner of this Civic is already wrenching away, piecing it back together. Hopefully, this time, with a few more bulletproof components.

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