L.A. Restorer Breathes New Life Into First Ever Imported Honda

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The N600 is a special car to any Honda enthusiast, as it paved the way for Honda to gain an initial foothold in the U.S. market. So when Los Angeles area Honda restoration expert, Tim Mings, had the opportunity to restore a very early N600, he jumped on the opportunity. He later found out this particular N600 was special.

As an early test vehicle for Honda, this 1967 N600 was the very first car that Honda brought to the United States a few years later. It was a brave move for Honda in 1969, as most cars in this country were still American and exponentially large. However, the N600 revolutionized the way Americans viewed foreign cars, and helped the Civic become a sales success.

Wearing VIN “0001” proudly, this N600 has undergone a restoration down to every nut and bolt, being brought back to factory-fresh condition. At the conclusion of the video series, this N600 – now known as #HondaSerialOne – is revealed at the Japanese Classic Car Show. Tim Mings and his team were extremely proud of their accomplishments, notingĀ “I will never restore another car as important as this one.”

As they say, the rest is history.

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