Senna’s Legacy – The NSX

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Filmmaker Robert Albalas has put together two short films encapsulating the spirit of the original NSX. Conceived in the 1980’s, the NSX was being developed at a high point for the Honda brand. In addition to being a winning engine supplier in Formula 1, the pinnacle of motorsport, the brand was also branching out commercially. This branching out resulted in many different experiments and projects, one of which was the New Sportscar EXperimental, which would come to be known as the NSX.

When the NSX debuted in 1990, it was unlike any Honda the world had seen. Offering Ferrari-slaying performance, and the typical Honda reliability, it was a sensation. It was no regular grade commodity, the NSX was comprised of intangible goodness, it was special. Perhaps it’s mystique can be understood a bit with this video:

Maybe not, maybe there was more to the story of the NSX, and the spirit of the car. Formula 1 racing driver Aryton Senna was involved in the development of the NSX. Some say that Honda regularly asked for his input of pre-production prototypes. The story of Aryton Senna is a tragically short one, and that is part of the reason why the car holds such reverence. Maybe this will explain it better:

For better or worse, the new NSX is a very different beast than it’s predecessor. Let’s look back and celebrate both one of the finest sportscars, and one of the greatest drivers to ever grace this Earth.

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