Refine Movement’s 1998 Civic: A Track Car in the Making

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The Navarro Brothers initially came to prominence a few years ago, with videos featuring their “stanced” cars. They have been consistently chipping away, producing new content since then, but their focus seems to have shifted. No longer do the videos feature cars with slammed suspension setups and stretched tires. Indeed, most of their content has focused on building inexpensive street and track friendly Hondas.

The theme continues with their current project, a 1998 Honda Civic DX coupe (EJ chassis), which has some 200,000 miles on the odometer but looks to be in decent shape. Their goal is to slowly transition it from daily driver to track day toy. Their videos are quick, simple and cleanly executed, covering a range of modifications from suspension; to wheels and tires; braking performance and weight reduction. While we don’t necessarily agree with all of their choices, especially when it comes to things like brand and product selection, these videos are a fun insight into the basic modifications you could consider if you wanted to also have a fun track car.

We will leave you guys with Part One, so you can see the progress of the car as the build continues. This ought to be a fun one:

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