HondaJet Drifts Off Runway in Chicago: VTEC Jokes Abound

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HondaJet Drifts Off Runway

Even without VTEC, HondaJet barely avoids wall after runway incident.

A HondaJet slid off the end of the runway at Chicago’s Midway Airport on July 12, narrowly missing a wall on the edge of the airport property.

The light private jet, officially called the Honda HA-420, appears to have landed on Runway 31C before sliding off the runway’s far end. However, the airplane missed the engineered materials arresting system (EMAS) area designed to stop aircraft that overrun the runway’s end.

The HondaJet came to rest just feet from the fence that separates the airfield from the intersection of Central Avenue and 55th Street. Nearby, tire marks show that the airplane was likely sideways when it left the runway. The Chicago Fire Department and ambulances arrived on scene, but no injuries were reported.

It was raining during the landing, which may have factored into the incident. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) will likely investigate the runway excursion, but no cause has yet been suggested. VTEC has not yet been ruled out.

About the HondaJet.

Honda designed the HA-420 as a very-light private jet capable of transporting up to six passengers. The fuselage was built with primarily advanced composites along with an aluminum wing. That allows the airplane to make the most of specially designed GE engines to improve fuel efficiency. The company claims that the combination of engines, composites, and aerodynamic design make the HA-420 up to 20 percent more efficient than competing aircraft.

The FAA certified the HondaJet in early 2016 and 70 have already been registered with the FAA. The aircraft in the incident, N20UQ, is registered to “Wilmington Trust Co. Trustee.” That airplane received its FAA certificate less than two months ago on May 23.

Honda builds all HA-420s at Piedmont Triad International Airport near Greensboro, North Carolina.

[Photo: Planes of Legends on Twitter]

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