Honda S2000 at SEMA is Ready for Racing Action

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Sparta S2000 Side

Big turbo, big brakes and an elaborate safety cage make this S2000 an eye-catching show car.

While the majority of the vehicles that were on display at the recent SEMA Show were American muscle cars or big pickup trucks, the massive automotive event held each year in Las Vegas always has some sharp import performance cars as well. While covering the show last week, we came across this wicked Honda S2000 in the Sparta Evolution booth and while its purpose was to showcase the company’s brake components, this roadster reminded all of the muscle car fans that Japanese performance is alive and well.

Sparta S2000 Front End

Show and Go

Many of the vehicles on display at SEMA are built for nothing more than sitting still and looking pretty, but that isn’t the case with this S2000. With this car being featured in the Sparta Evolution booth, it should come as little surprise that this Honda roadster is fitted with the company’s race-ready braking components, but those high performance stoppers are just the beginning.

Sparta S2000 Side Rear

Exterior upgrades include a body kit that introduces wider wheel openings in the front and rear, allowing the car to safety encase the Hoosier racing slicks mounted at all four corners. There is also a new front fascia with improved aero properties and a larger central opening that helps channel air to the massive front-mount intercooler.

Sparta S2000 Interior

As for the interior, the canvas convertible top is gone, leaving plenty of room for a spec-approved roll cage. This S2000 also features lightweight carbon fiber race seats, a bare-bones dashboard and a custom center console complete with a custom gauge screen. We would say that the interior only has what is needed for racing, but it also has two cupholders, so there is at least some thought of comfort with this Japanese roadster.

Sparta S2000 Cage

Turbo Power

This Honda S2000 doesn’t have a hood, but if it did, it would be hiding a gorgeous engine bay, chock full of bright-polished silver components.

Sparta S2000 Engine

The valve cover, the intake manifold, the turbocharger and even the custom chassis tubing tracing the front of the engine bay are all polished to a mirror-like finish, giving this car the proper SEMA look. However, that big turbo and the supporting modifications all-but-guarantee that this Honda roadster runs as great as it looks.

Sparta S2000 Front Corner

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