Seibon Carbon Showcases Acura NSX & Honda Civic Type R

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Seibon Carbon Acura NSX Front Corner

Carbon fiber body parts are only the start of the NSX and Civic Type R builds.

With the Acura NSX and the Honda Civic Type R being two of the hottest Japanese performance cars in the modern market, it comes as little surprise that they are both popular choices for companies looking to turn heads at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas. One company that picked those two Honda Motors performance models is Seibon Carbon, which covered both cars in their own lightweight body parts, but in teaming up with a handful of other aftermarket brands, the NSX and Civic Type R are far more than just a pair of pretty, carbon fiber-covered faces.

Seibon Carbon NSX

First up, we have the 2017 Acura NSX featured in the Seibon Carbon display at SEMA. The carbon fiber experts installed their own Dry Red Carbon hood, a TA-style front lip, TA-style side skirts, a new engine cover, a Dry Red Carbon trunk lid and a Dry Red carbon rear diffuser.

Seibon Acura NSX Front

Once those lightweight panels were installed, portions were painted bright white to match the rest of the body, while the windows were tinted dark black to match the vehicle’s trim. This includes a set of Yokohama Advan Racing GT wheels in gloss black, measuring 20×9-inches up front and 20×12-inches out back.

Seibon Acura NSX Rear

Other upgrades to the Seibon Carbon Acura NSX include a Motonsport 3-Way coilover suspension setup, Eibach special edition Pro-Kit Performance springs and an Fi Exhaust Mk2 exhaust system.

Seibon Carbon Civic Type R Grille

Seibon Carbon Showcases Acura NSX & Honda Civic Type R continued…

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