Turbocharged AEM/Bisimoto Civic Wagovan is Our SEMA Highlight

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AEM/Bisimoto Civic Wagovan

Civic Wagovan shows the most incredible power can come from the least likely of cars. 

When you think of a 4WD Honda Civic Wagovan, you’re not likely to think of a savage speed demon. But racer and tuner Bisi Ezerioha sees things a little differently. What if you could take this odd 1980s-era Wagovan and build a beast? Challenge accepted.

Ezerioha’s company, Bisimoto Engineering, showed off their latest build at this year’s SEMA show. The Civic Wagovan is an inspired build with a boosted engine and brilliant modifications.

AEM/Bisimoto Civic Wagovan

This isn’t Ezerioha’s first Civic Wagovan rodeo. A few years ago he made waves with a 1988 Wagovan that was a jaw-dropping feat of tuning and engineering. So he was more than up for the task of turning this Honda out.

Bisimoto teamed up with AEM for this crazy custom build. Ezerioha used a K24 engine (K24Z3 block and K24Z7 head), and customized with an integrated exhaust manifold, PRL Motorsports turbo manifold, and Golden Eagle intake manifold. Additionally, he used mostly Bisimoto parts to modify. The results are a staggering boosted 2.4L engine that cranks out about 700 hp. Did we also mention it’s all-wheel drive?

Though, this all is perhaps unsurprising from a tuner who builds 1,000 horsepower Honda Odyssey minivans.

AEM/Bisimoto Civic Wagovan

The now-AWD Wagonvan got a KW Coilover suspension, 5-point roll bar, and Toyo tires.

AEM put their stamp on with a sharp digital dash. The end result is a Wagonvan that a rager that is is road capable. In fact, it is Ezerioha’s goal to create vehicles that are meant to be driven, and driven hard. It retains it’s retro charm but has the new technology that makes this custom ride just perfection, as ell as a scene-steal at SEMA.

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