5 Times that Drivers Navigated their Cars to the Scrapyard

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Electronics help us out every day with tasks and endeavors that range from keeping track of our health and fitness to asking if it can order more paper towels. However, we haven’t reached a point yet where things are as fully formed as the sci-fi movies we love to watch, no matter how much we think we have. This false idea that our electronic friends know everything has gotten many people in trouble, namely, crashing their cars.


1. Thirsty thirsty


This woman was the victim of driving after midnight on a foggy night when she found herself following the car’s GPS down to a boat launch. She suddenly felt her car filling with sub-40 degree water as she, simultaneously,  was being filled with dread at the predicament. Quickly, she managed to roll down the windows and escaped before the car disappeared under the waters.


2. Put it in park, at the park


A gentleman was making his way on the Upper West Side of Manhattan trying to get to New Jersey. That’s when his GPS decided to make life a bit more interesting and around 88th St told him to turn west and put his car down the first few stairs of an entrance to Riverside Park. A tow truck had to come and extract the car from its precarious position and help put the incidence behind the driver.


3. Just take the insurance when it’s offered


Three women rented a luxury SUV to drive in Seattle and decided to use GPS to help them make their way through unfamiliar territories. Unfortunately, it must’ve been the same make and model or program version of whatever the first driver was using. It took them down a large boat launch to water, for some reason whoever was driving thought,”I am piloting a mighty german SUV. A little water cannot stop me”!   They became submerged in the Mercer Slough’s murky waters and had to abandon ship.


4. Be mindful of ride height


Way back in 2008, a bus driver for a softball team decided to ignore ride height signs and just listen to his GPS telling him to forge ahead to a tunnel in Washington Park Arboretum. Welp, the tunnel is 9 ft high and the bus the bus was 12 feet high so the top of the bus got sheared right off. Several of the players were treated for minor injuries but walked away from the accident. The icing on the cake is the statement from the President of the charter company, “We just thought it would be a safe route, because why else would they have a selection for a bus?”


5. Maximum overdrive


A woman’s GPS had enough of being on the highway and wanted to just hang out on the beach for a change. Lifeguards found the woman and her two cats, possibly in shock, inside the car parked at the bottom of a beach access road off the 101 Highway near Encinitas. She and the felines were rescued from the car and walked away unscathed. A round of Fancy Feast for everyone!


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