Crazy EG-Driving Australian Returns: This Time to Adelaide Street Circuit

By - jordan cox EG Civic Australia Improved Production racing Adelaide street circuit

We have previously covered Jordan Cox, the crazy Aussie who can seemingly wheel his EG Civic past any opposition. That was at Mount Panorama during the 12 Hours of Bathurst race. Mount Panorama is a notorious power track. With it’s long stretches of straightaway and steep hillside, it favors cars with big power. That is what caught our eye when Cox was able to wheel his EG Civic through the much more powerful race traffic.

Cox is the man responsible for the Internet’s new-found adoration of Improved Production racing.

The cars are relatable to their street counterparts, and the battles are intense. It should come as no surprise then, that the latest I.P. race, at the Adeliade street circuit, is just as wild as Bathurst. Street circuits are narrow, and reward bravery and guts over outright power.

Bravery and guts, as well as skill, really describe the amazing battle that took place at Adelaide, as Jordan Cox in his EG Civic traded positions with the AE85 Toyota Corolla. The two cars are back-and-forth at seemingly every other corner. The high point of the battle is through a series of curbed esses. Cox is all over the AE85, bouncing the curbs, barely keeping two wheels on the ground. In an absolute stunner of a move, he pitches the car wide through the middle curb. Relying purely on the grip of his left side tires, Cox leans on the car giving it everything it’s got, ultimately positioning himself for a pass into the exit left-hander.

The Internet has of course lost it’s mind over this incredible pass, with people laying “Eurobeat” music from Initial D over clips of his pass. Classic:

Props to both drivers. Over the course of multiple laps, they trade positions a dozen times, without contact. We are witnessing some truly amazing racing. jordan cox EG Civic Australia Improved Production racing Adelaide street circuit

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