Chris Harris Praises New NSX, Just Like Everyone Should

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Finally, Someone Sees the Acura NSX the Way I See It. It’s About Time…

I’ve said it time and time again, and I will keep saying it until the world understands. The new Acura NSX is an incredible car, and even with its silly expensive price tag, it’s a nothing less than a bargain hypercar.

YouTube, social media, blogs, magazine columns — many of them filled with words of disappointment, anger, and silly complaints about the Japanese sports car. And all of them wrong. Rookie and veteran journalists have picked on the NSX’s advanced technology and dared called it “complicated,” or not “magical” enough. Again, they’re wrong. Why? Because they’re making two huge mistakes. One, they’re comparing it against the original NSX, which is basically impossible. Two, they aren’t good enough drivers.

I know the latter could upset some egos, but it’s the truth. I’ve personally had the chance to experience the NSX at speed, on a race track, and with a professional race car driver. It was mind-blowing. I would’ve never pushed the vehicle as hard as the driver did, which means my opinion of the NSX would’ve been very different. Keep in mind this is coming from someone who’s raced everything from shifter karts to Challenge Stradales. I don’t “take it easy” not he track.

Top Gear recently got a hold of the first sample to roll off the assembly line and handed it over to Chris Harris. As a result, Harris drove the heck out of it at Monticello Motor Club in New York, and created the following video review.

I won’t go into details as his opinions are better watched than read, but I’m happy to see someone appreciate the NSX for what it is — a budget hypercar. A highly advanced machine that’s capable of rocketing around racetracks with incredible ease and speed.

Enjoy the video, and I hope that you, too, appreciate the NSX for what it is.

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