Buying A JDM Honda NSX From Japan

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The original NSX is the stuff of dreams, now you can import JDM ones legally.

Classic super cars, like the Honda NSX, garner a lot of attention and for good reason. The production numbers of the original Honda NSX were low to start, not to mention the survival rates of these cars. For example, only 1,500 NSX’s were built in 1991, now assume at least 50% met their demise. The 1991 NSX represents a certain level of dedication to the driving experience as well as the car. These cars are getting harder to find in good condition in the US, but now you can legally import an early JDM model from Japan.


In this video, YouTuber Dustin Williams takes us on an inside look of  his friend Sean taking delivery of a legit Honda NSX from Japan. This JDM import is a low mile car for its age, with just 71,000 miles on the clock. The Midnight Purple paint and gold BBS wheels make quite the statement. The car is basically stock, too, with small modifications such as an aftermarket exhaust, Momo steering wheel and Recaro bucket seats.

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The big debate over NSX’s is whether or not to keep it stock, in all its former glory, or tinker. Changing up the look and stance of the car is a topic of debate and everyone has their own opinions. Sean shows the side skirts he plans to ad to the NSX. He also is debating over rebuilding his BBS wheels or throw on some Work Meisters wheels. They both look amazing on the car. Let us know what you think in the comments below. Is this NSX one to modify or relish in it’s stock design?

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