Civic Type R Named Best Car To Buy 2018

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See, Honda, when you bring amazing cars across the pond we will praise you for it.

The Honda Civic Type R has long been the greatest machine that our favorite Japanese company refused to give us. Year after year, we had to sit and read about how wonderful the latest iteration of the R was, and the silently cry ourselves to sleep at night when it wasn’t coming to the US. That all changed this year when Honda finally decided that Americans were worthy of the R badge.

And wouldn’t you know it, everybody loves it and can’t stop slathering it with thick layer of love and adoration. The latest notch in the belt for the Type R comes from our friends at Motor Authority. They spend all year blasting around in new cars, and then towards the end of the year they narrow down their favorites. From there it’s a few days of fun and mayhem around Atlanta, with time at the Road Atlanta race track to finally pick a winner.

The top four this year included the new Lexus LC500, the Kia Stinger GT and the Porsche Panamera. Just let that sink in for a minute. The top four cars for the 2018 Best Car to Buy award included a turbocharged Porsche with 440 horsepower, a Lexus coupe with a $100,000 price tag, and twin-turbo, RWD sedan from Kia, and then a Civic.

But there we have it, at the top of the pile, the modestly priced (and in this company, modestly powered) Honda Civic Type R. It’s fun, it’s practical, and it’s affordable. Throw in that wild engine, slick-shifting six-speed manual and a track ready suspension, and there is nothing quite like the new Type R.

Now, hopefully Honda has realized that Americans are willing to pay for playful and exciting FWD cars, and they’ll keep bringing them over.

Christian Moe has been a professional automotive journalist for over seven years and has reviewed and written about Lexus luxury cars, Corvettes and more for some of the top publications in the world, including Road & Track. Currently, he contributes to many of Internet Brands' Auto Group blogs, including Corvette Forum, Club Lexus and Rennlist.

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