Behold the Coveted and Mysterious Crystal NSX

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The Honda NSX Crystal is an elusive and exclusive piece of NSX memorabilia, which seems to be highly coveted by all enthusiasts of the iconic supercar. It even made NSX Club Europe‘s top 10 most coveted NSXmobilia list.

The crystal NSX originated in Japan, and it’s a 1/18 scale representation of the very first generation Honda NSX. While it looks like something that’d be featured in today’s cheesy auto manufacturer gift catalogs, this one is the real deal. Honda went as far as giving this crystal its own part number (08Z30-SL0-000), so technically it’s an official member of the Honda NSX parts catalog. But as you may have figured out by now, you simply can’t ring up the dealer and order it as such.


The beautiful crystal has two Honda logos etched in them, and even shows the silhouette of the two seats, and clearly outlines the original five-spoke wheels. Clearly this was an artist’s project and not just a mass-produced piece of car swag.

The price of the NSX Crystal initially started at aroundĀ 47,000 yen, or roughly $400 USD. But a couple of decades later these samples are selling for about $700 USD on the low-end, and as high as $2,000 for one with original packaging and in mint condition.

Honda only produced the NSX Crystal for a short amount of time, and it has little-by-little grown in popularity, desirability, and, of course, price. If you come across one of these and you’ve got the money to acquire it, don’t waste any time thinking about it.

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