Basic Aerodynamics and Your Modification Pathway for Aero

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Kyle from JKF Aero and KYLE.ENGINEERS explains some of the basics in automotive aerodynamics for different types of race cars.

Aerodynamics is a mystifying art to many enthusiasts in the automotive field. There are so many rumors, misunderstandings, and plain bad facts out there that just serve to confuse and make one look rather dumb when talking about wings and splitters. Fortunately, there are those who work in the field who aren’t afraid to explain the proper facts and information. Kyle from JKF Aero is here to set the basics straight before you hop into the wider field of race car aerodynamics. Mighty Mouse Supercharged Honda CRX Time Attack

Like a lot of things, your aerodynamics package will depend on what you run in. For most, that idea is straight forward but those who look at the many wings, spoilers, air dams, splitters and more on the market will get confused rather quickly. What’s worse is that wings and splitters can mask a mechanical grip issue. This can ultimately make the car unbalanced between aerodynamic grip and mechanical grip. The basic idea is that you should get your car handling right then concentrate on improving the aerodynamics.

Honda Civic Type R racing in TCR Italy Series
Also, if you’re wondering on Kyle’s pedigree in motorsports aero, be sure to check out some of the current projects he and JKF Aero are working on here.

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