Honda Civic ‘Accidentally’ Cracks 10-Second 1/4-mile Barrier

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Most guys work incredibly hard to run 10s. But this bracket-racing Civic does it unintentionally!

No matter what you drive, running the quarter mile in 10 seconds is fast. And it always has been. But most cars that crack that magical barrier do so after plenty of practice at the track and tuning tweaks. Heck, most have to wait for optimal weather conditions, too. And yet, this Honda Civic manages to break into the 10s in its first ever appearance on a drag strip. Without even trying.

On its drag strip pass ever, the boosted Honda Civic hatch managed an 11.1, in fact. At partial throttle, according to Ricky, who was also making his first-ever pass on the strip. So when he turns the keys over to the car’s usual driver Emilio, we certainly expect better results. And we definitely get them.

Honda Civic Turbo 10 second 1/4-mile run

Of course, we’re also treated to plenty of cool stuff in between. There’s an insane K20-swapped Mini, not to mention a handful of Hondas tearing it up with some seriously fast 9-second passes.

Outside of the full cage, Recaros, and giant rubber, there isn’t much here to clue you into this Civic’s potential. Heck, they even left the back seat in for some reason. Not that it’s very usable with that cage. And once you nail it off the rev limiter a few times, people are going know it’s no sleeper.

Still, this is bracket racing, and the crew hilariously runs too fast on Emilio’s first try. In fact, he runs a 10.8 even after letting off after third gear and hitting the brakes. The crew tries to get a belly pan on so they can qualify for the 10.5 class, but it just won’t fit. But amazingly, he kills it with an 11.53 just on feel alone. Sadly, a red light ends their day prematurely. But you can bet this isn’t the last we’ve seen of this Civic!

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