Amazed By Amuse, This Widebody Honda S2000 Is Incredible

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Amuse widebody S2000 blows its tires off with 430 boosted horsepower.

They sometimes say that the best things come in small packages. This 430 horsepower turbocharged S2000 shows that the best things apparently come in wide loads. With an Amuse GT1 widebody kit, this little Honda has hit the gym a bit and has been working on its gains, bro. Filling the now massive wheel arches is a set of Japan Racing JR5 wheels, which we could not approve of any more if we tried, wrapped in sticky Dunlop Sportmax RT rubber. When you’re pushing that kind of power to the rear wheels, you need to make sure the tires can grip enough to handle it. Even with all of that extra grip, this car can call up burnouts on demand. It sure can stop, too. Its got a massive 355mm big brake kit from Galfer with 6 piston calipers on each of the front wheels.

Not only has this car been widened, but it has also been lightened significantly with Seibon carbon trunk and hood panels. Not that the S2K was particularly heavy to begin with, a bit of weight loss compensates for the added weight of the turbo components. All things considered, this modified car likely weighs a bit more than a stock S2000. However, with all that extra horsepower, it’s probably worth it, right?

The pièce de résistance of this entire car has to be the ultra rare and mega awesome Mugen carbon fiber hardtop. There’s something awesome about an S2000 outfitted as a coupe. We can’t help but think that Honda would have had an even better sports car on their hands if they’d offered this one as a factory hardtop coupe. The closed top helps the car’s lines and it looks far better than the fabric top ever did. With this Mugen top, however, you still have the option of going topless if you desire. And what could be better than a topless summer night?


[Source: SpeedNation.TV]

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