Sleeper: Haggard Civic Eats Up a Nissan GT-R

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Budget-build Civic with a stock-sleeved B-Series swap and a turbo runs mid-10s and collects quarter-mile kills.

Call it a sleeper. Call it Roadkill. Call it whatever you want because it won’t matter when this leaned-on old Civic coupe beats your supercar.

We’re suckers for ugly old cars like this, of any sort, just leveling pretty-and-polished race cars, a sleeper. Sure, the builder has calculated the effect of dirty fingerprints, missing badge, and general hooptieness. However, the general IDGAF appearance makes the wins over a Nissan GT-R and a healthy nitrous-fed Camaro that much sweeter.

BigKleib34 caught up with the Kubaki Civic’s owner at Street Car Takeover in Charlotte. The shell set the builder back a princely $600. Under the railed-on skin, the build isn’t necessarily anything super crazy, but it’s good enough for mid-10s. The B18 engine retains stock sleeves. That B-Series gets its boost from an STC 60-millimeter turbo. As the owner explains in his own video, that STC turbo uses Garrett housings but adds a different turbine.

The turbo shoves in about 28 pounds of boost, which is no foolin’ on stock sleeves. That’s good for about 630 horsepower to the wheels and the owner thinks it’ll go as quick as 9.65. That ain’t too shabby for a car that could easily pass for a run-of-the-mill “RAN WEN PARKED” listing on CraigsList.

Things got a little dicey in Charlotte, however. The car’s built transmission wouldn’t go into second gear, which meant swapping in a backup. That backup was “basically a stock transmission,” which means it’s a ticking time bomb. Still, the gear stacks held up long enough for the Kubaki Civic to rack up an impressive pair of kills in the BigKleib video.

We’re not sure if the stock trans lasted the whole event, but if it did, just chalk it up to another overbuilt Honda part handling serious abuse.

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