9 Celebrities and Their Hondas

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2008 Honda S2000 CR

When you think about the cars that celebrities drive, it’s doubtful that Honda comes to mind. But you may be surprised to learn that these famous entrepreneurs, actors, and musicians have acknowledged the reliability and practicality of driving a Honda.  Here are nine Hondas — and their famous owners — you may not know about.



1. Mark Zuckerberg


Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg could literally buy any vehicle on this planet, but he occasionally chooses to stay humble, and smart, by driving a Honda Fit.  He also owns an Acura TSX, but before you think, “Wow! The Zuck really is down-to-Earth!” consider that he also purchased an Italian Pagani Huayra supercar for $1.3 million.  


2. Chris Pine


Star Trek star Chris Pine loves zipping around L.A. in his Honda S2000. It’s a Silverstone AP2 model with a soft top, according to some eagle-eyed forum members.


3. Margaret Cho


Comedian, actress, author, and former Dancing with the Stars contender Margaret Cho drives a Honda Fit. She absolutely adores her 1966 Honda 305 motorcycle, too.  


4. Gwen Stefani


Rockstar mom Gwen Stefani lives a more practical life when driving her Honda Odyssey to get around with her kids, except when she drives it to the runway to board a private jet.


5. Ronda Rousey


When mixed martial artist/actor Ronda Rousey’s Accord needed a new transmission, she did what many normal people do — she sold it on eBay. Her Accord, which was still full of her personal items and some memorabilia, was sold to a fan for $21,300. Not bad for a 2005 Accord LX, which typically sell for a few thousand dollars nowadays. Rousey parted ways by writing an emotional farewell on the dashboard as an homage to her beloved Accord.


6. Dave Matthews


Musician and environmentalist Dave Matthews owns a Honda Insight hybrid. The Dave Matthews Band was a founding member of the Green Music Group, a coalition of music industry players and fans, which enacted a challenge to take part in “earth-friendly calls-to-action.” The prize to be offered was — you guessed it —  a Honda Insight.


7. Jamie Lee Curtis


Honda delivered the FCX Clarity Hydrogen car to actress Jamie Lee Curtis in 2008. Curtis was one of the first five people to receive it, upon which she exclaimed that she did not expect the car to be so luxurious. From the streamlined interior to the Tesla-esque door handles, the FCX looked advanced at the time. The newest Clarity still looks awesome and will arrive late 2016.


8. Halle Berry


Before she owned her Lexus RX, actress Halle Berry was photographed several times driving her 2014 Honda CR-V. Considering she was pulling in tens of millions of dollars per film several years prior, it’s good to know she kept things low-key in her Honda SUV. After all, she probably knows she can make any car look better just by driving it.


9. Lucas Grabeel


Actor/musician Lucas Grabeel is mostly known for his roles in Disney movies, namely High School Musical, but he’s also lent his voice to several popular animated series and even founded his own production company. The young actor has seen much success, but starring in a movie that was watched by over 200 million people didn’t go to his head. He loves the practicality of his Honda Element, which he enjoys taking on long road trips and hauling things when he needs to. According to MotorTrend.com, Grabeel loves the backseat’s capabilities, saying, “You feel like you have stadium seating in a movie theater.” Looking out from inside the Honda Element, all the world’s a stage for this actor — especially the road that passes by.


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